meet christina

Let me introduce myself! I'm the Schnauzer loving, wanderlust Irish dancer behind the camera! 

A few fun facts about me: I'm obsessed with Citrus Defender teas, fantasy novels and historical dramas! Those close to me know that the best gifts you can give me are tea, books and memorable experiences I can share - dog sledding still tops the list!

keepin' it real since 1992

So what makes me different from other photographers, you ask? I'm all about keepin' it real with my clients and capturing them in the most authentic ways possible. Whether it's asking a child what face they make when their parents kiss or asking a couple to share how they met, I want to capture those precious moments for you to cherish for the rest of your life.

where it all began

I was first introduced to photography in my second year at MacEwan University and I've been hooked ever since. After focusing primarily on landscape and travel photography, I decided it was time to focus on the very thing that caught my attention - the magic captured in portrait photography. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Believe it or not, photography is just one of the many passions I have in life. In my free time, you'll find me 

My competitive career has given me the opportunity to travel across Canada, as well as cities like Anaheim, Chicago, Orlando, Glasgow and Dublin.

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"People talk about perfect timing, but I think everything is perfect in its moment; you just want to capture that."

- Eddie Huang


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